WooCommerce Sync

WooCommerce Sync is the main setting for the WooCommerce integration. It needs to be enabled for any of the other WooCommerce options/features to work.

Please make sure you have WooCommerce installed and activated before enabling the sync.

To enable the sync, go to Settings > WooCommerce and toggle on the WooCommerce Sync option.

When you enable the sync, it copies all the products you have in the product catalog over to WooCommerce, and also copies all the products you have in WooCommerce over to the product catalog.

From then on, it will maintain one-to-one copies of each product in both our plugin and WooCommerce. So, when you make an update to a product in our plugin, it will also update it on the WooCommerce side.

This will allow you seamless use features like the WooCommerce checkout and product pages.

If you’re having trouble with certain products not syncing, please see the WooCommerce FAQ.