Premium Settings

The following options are available by going to Settings > Premium

Product Page Type

What style of product page should be used?

Should a lightbox pop up on the product page when an image is clicked? Want to customize this lightbox? Install the free Ultimate Lightbox plugin and you can switch the lightbox colors, controls, behaviour and more!

Should related products be created automatically, manually, or not at all?

Next/Previous Products

Should next and previous products be displayed? Automatic takes the products with the next and previous IDs, if they exist.

Should a lightbox pop up to display more information about products when they’re clicked on (on the main catalog page)?

Infinite Scroll

Should more products load as a user scrolls down the page, instead of using the pagination system?

Products per Page

Set the maximum number of products per page for your catalogs.

Pagination Location

Set the location of pagination controls for your catalogs.

Product Sorting

Select which sorting options are available in the ‘Sort By’ box (‘Review Rating’ requires Ultimate Reviews to be installed)

Disable Drop Down Sidebar Toggle on Mobile

By default, on mobile devices, the filtering sidebar is hidden and a ‘Filter’ button is displayed, which can be clicked to make the sidebar show. This options gets rid of the button and makes the sidebar show by default.

Product Inquiry Form

Should a form be added to inquire about products on the product page (requires plugin ‘WP Forms’ or ‘Contact Form 7’)?

Product Inquiry Cart

Should users be able to inquire about multiple products at once from the main catalog page (requires plugin ‘WP Forms’ or ‘Contact Form 7’)?

Inquiry Plugin

Which contact form plugin should be used, ‘WP Forms’ or ‘Contact Form 7’?

Product Reviews

Should reviews be displayed for products on the ‘Tabbed Layout’ product page (requires Ultimate Reviews plugin)?

Reviews in Main Catalog

Should a product’s review rating be displayed on the main catalog page? (requires plugin Ultimate Reviews plugin)?

Product FAQs

Should FAQs be displayed for products on the Tabbed or Shop Style layout product page (requires Ultimate FAQ plugin)?

Allow Product Comparison

Should visitors be able to compare products side by side by clicking on the comparison link?

Hide Blank Custom Fields

Should custom fields be hidden when they are empty?

Disable Custom Slugs Conversion

Should converting of custom field slugs used in the product descriptions be disabled? See here for more info about custom field slugs.