WooCommerce Product Page

Enabling the WooCommerce Product Page feature makes it so that, when someone clicks on a product in your catalog, they are brought to the WooCommerce product page instead of the one generated by our plugin. This can be beneficial if, for example, you would like to have an Add to Cart button on the product page or if you’re using variations and want people to be able to choose which they want to buy.

You can see this enabled on our demo here.

WooCommerce Sync must be enabled for this to work.

To enable the WooCommerce product page feature, go to Settings > WooCommerce and toggle on the WooCommerce Product Page option.

Please note that this replaces the existing product page that is generated by our catalog. As such, certain elements that you may have added for the product, like videos or additional images, may not show the same or at all. While elements like additional images do sync over, it depends on if and how the theme you are using supports them.

For sync issues, please see the FAQ.

If you are experiencing any issues with the WooCommerce product page itself, you may want to get in touch with your theme support or WooCommerce support.