WPForms Integration

If you are using the premium version of the Ultimate FAQ plugin, then you can integrate FAQs directly into a form that you create using WPForms, which will make it automatically display any relevant FAQs. This can be very helpful to give your visitors instant answers to a question they were about to ask you and to reduce the amount of support you get.


  1. First make sure you have the WPForms plugin installed and activated.
  2. Then, in the Ultimate FAQ plugin admin, go to Settings > Premium and enable the WP Forms Integration option.
  3. There are further options there to set how many FAQs you want to display and whether to display the FAQ above or below your form.

Edit the Form in WPForms

  1. Open the WPForms admin and choose the form you want to edit.
  2. Click on Settings and then the FAQs panel.
  3. Here you can enable FAQs for this form. Choosing Enable will automatically apply the FAQs to the main message field (textarea) of the form. If you’d prefer, you can select which exact field you want to have the FAQs using the Specific Field option and the associated dropdown.
  4. Make sure to save the form.

Now you can visit the page with your WPForms form. If you start typing in the message area, you’ll see that it will actually search the FAQ plugin and automatically display any FAQs that are relevant to what is being typed in the message field.

Gif of setting up WPForms integration