Import FAQs

If you are using the premium version, then you can bulk import FAQs into the plugin from a spreadsheet. To do this, just go to the Import page in the plugin admin. Click the Browse button and locate the file on your device, and then click the Import FAQs button. After import, the FAQs will now be displayed in the table on the FAQs page where you can further modify them if necessary.

We recommend always importing your spreadsheet as an XLS or XLSX file type. The formatting of a CSV file can be dependent on the program that was used to initially import it, modify it, and then render/export it. This can sometimes contribute to parsing errors when you try to import it into our plugin. The format of XLS files is uniform across the board, which reduces the chance that you will encounter any formatting errors when importing your spreadsheet into our plugin.

Also, please note that the Post Date column found in the FAQ export is a read-only column that is included for informational purposes. It cannot be included in the import. So, if you are using a spreadsheet that you exported from the plugin as your template, please remove the Post Date column before importing it back into the plugin.

You can download an example spreadsheet for reference here.