In Ultimate FAQ, you can create categories, which you can then assign your FAQs to. This is helpful for grouping similar FAQs together (e.g. product information, shipping information, returns information, etc.).

If you go to the Categories page in the plugin admin, you’ll see an overview of all your existing categories.

Screenshot showing Ultimate FAQ Categories tab

You can sort them by clicking on one of the headings in the table. You can also search for a category.

To edit a category, click its title.

On the left side, you can create a new category.


While you are able to create sub-categories (as it does make use of WordPress’s taxonomy system), there will be no benefit to doing so. When displaying the FAQs on your site, there is an option to separate the FAQs by category, but this does not extend to sub-categories. On the front end, sub-categories are treated and displayed the same as categories.

You can, however, still use sub-categories for your own organizational purposes, keeping in mind that there is no way to display nested categories on your site.

Assigning an FAQ to a Category

To find out more about assigning a specific product to a category, please see the Create an FAQ page.

Grouping by Category on the FAQ Page

If you would like to separate your FAQs by category, when displayed on your site, go to Settings > Ordering and enable the Group FAQs by Category options.