Custom CSS

In certain cases, you may not be able to achieve exactly what you want using only the styling options. To further customize the look and layout of your FAQs, you can add some of your own CSS.

We’ve added a Custom CSS input area to the top of the Basic settings page, which you can use to add your custom CSS. If you’d prefer, you can also/instead use the Additional CSS area in your theme’s customizer for this.

Please note that using custom CSS to modify the look of your FAQs requires knowledge of CSS. Attempting to modify your FAQs without this knowledge may result in messing up the layout and even possibly altering/removing certain functionality.

As an example, let’s say that you wanted to make the font size bigger for the answer, categories, tags, custom field and permalink text. The following CSS would help you to achieve that:

.ewd-ufaq-faq-post, .ewd-ufaq-faq-categories, .ewd-ufaq-faq-custom-fields, .ewd-ufaq-faq-tags, .ewd-ufaq-permalink { font-size: 20px; }

Gif of adding custom CSS

CSS Selectors

Some common CSS selectors from the plugin are:

.ewd-ufaq-faq-list Main overall container for the shortcode/block output

.ewd-ufaq-expand-collapse-div Expand/Collapse link

.ewd-ufaq-faqs Container that houses all FAQs

.ewd-ufaq-faq-category Category container (when Group FAQs by Category is enabled)

.ewd-ufaq-faq-category-title Category title

.ewd-ufaq-faq-category-inner Container around all FAQs in a category

.ewd-ufaq-faq-div Container for individual FAQ

.ewd-ufaq-faq-title FAQ title container

.ewd-ufaq-post-margin-symbol Toggle symbol

.ewd-ufaq-faq-title-text Title text

.ewd-ufaq-faq-body Container for FAQ body

.ewd-ufaq-faq-post FAQ answer text

.ewd-ufaq-faq-categories Categories

.ewd-ufaq-faq-tags Tags

.ewd-ufaq-permalink Permalink

.ewd-ufaq-faq-custom-fields Custom fields