Create and Edit Custom Fields

To create or edit a custom field, go to the Fields area of the Settings page. Here you will see a table with all your existing custom fields as well as a button to add a new one.

Screenshot of the Custom Fields settings

The process is the same to add or edit a field. You need to fill in the following for each:

  • Field Name: The name you want to give to your custom field. This will display as the label for the field in your FAQ.
  • Field Type: Choose the type of custom field you want. This decides how you will input the value for this field on the FAQ edit screen. So, for example, if you want to be able to insert anything, then choose text or or textarea. If would like there to be a set list of values, but will need to assign more than one value for each FAQ, then you will want to use checkbox. If you would like to restrict it to only one value per FAQ, then use radio buttons or select box. There are also types for file upload, a link and date/time.
  • Field Values: If you are using the checkbox, radio buttons or select box type, then you will need to provide input values here. These are the options from which you will be able to select on the FAQ edit screen. Comma-separate your list, leaving no space after each comma. For example: Giraffe,Moose,Goose,Lion

When you’re done creating/editing your fields, make sure to click the Save Changes button to save your changes.

To learn about using custom fields with FAQs, see here.