Basic Settings

The following options are available by going to Settings > Basic

Custom CSS

In this space, you can add custom CSS styles to your FAQs in the box above. For more info, see here.

Scroll To Top

Should the browser scroll to the top of the FAQ when it’s opened?

Turn On Comment Support

Should comment support be turned on, so that, if the “Allow Comments” checkbox is selected for a given FAQ, comments are shown in the FAQ list?

Disable Microdata

By default, the plugin adds FAQ Page schema when the shortcode or block is used. Select this option to disable this behaviour.

Display a permalink to each question? If so: text, icon or both?

Should the permalink link to the main FAQ page (with the selected FAQ open) or the individual FAQ page?

Set Access Role

Who should have access to the “Ultimate FAQ” admin menu? (Roles of contributor or higher will still be able to see the FAQs/Categories/Tags menus, but will not be able to edit the items [similar to how it works for the default post types in WordPress]).

Disable FAQ Toggle

Should the FAQs open on a separate page when clicked, instead of toggling open and closed?

FAQ Accordion

Should the FAQs accordion? (Only one FAQ is open at a time. For this to work, the above “Disable FAQ Toggle” option must not be on.)

FAQ Category Toggle

Should the FAQ categories toggle open and closed when they are clicked. (Only applicable if “Group FAQs by Category” is enabled in the “Ordering” settings)?

FAQ Expand/Collapse All

Should there be a control to open and close all FAQs simultaneously?

Hide Categories

Should the categories for each FAQ be hidden?

Hide Tags

Should the tags for each FAQ be hidden?

Display All AnswersDisplay All Answers

Should all answers be displayed when the page loads? (Will not apply if “FAQ Accordion” is enabled.)

Display Post Author

Should the display name of the post’s author be shown for each FAQ?

Display Post Date

Should the date the post was created be shown for each FAQ?

Display ‘Back to Top’

Should a link to return to the top of the page be added to each FAQ post?