SMS Notifications

If you are using the ultimate version of the plugin, you can also create SMS messages to be used as notifications. To do this, go to the Notifications area of the Settings page.

Here there are a few options you need to set to make sure your SMS messages are sent.

  • Ultimate Plan Purchase Email: The email used to purchase your ultimate plan subscription. Used to verify SMS requests are actually being sent from your site.
  • Country Code: The country code that will be added to SMS notifications. If no country is specified, phone numbers for orders should start with +XXX (a plus sign followed by the country code), followed by a space or dash, or else the phone number will be assumed to be North American.
  • Admin Phone Number: The phone number customer note and customer order notifications will be sent to, if they’ve been set to an SMS message in the Premium area of the Settings page.

Screenshot of SMS options

Create SMS Notifications

Below this, you will see a table with all your existing SMS messages as well as a button to add a new one.

Screenshot of the SMS notifications table

The process is similar to creating an email. You need to fill in the following for each:

  • Name: The name you want to give to your SMS message. This is used for you to identify the message when choosing which one you want to assign to a status or other notification.
  • Message: The message or content of the SMS that will be sent.

Screenshot of editing an SMS message

Order-Specific Information

You can include order-specific information in the SMS message by making use of one of the following shortcodes:

[order-name] The name of the order.

[order-number] The order number.

[order-status] The order status.

[order-notes] The public notes for the order.

[customer-notes] The customer notes for the order.

[order-time] The time the order was created.

[customer-name] The name of the assigned customer for the order.

[customer-id] The ID of the assigned customer for the order.

[sales-rep] The assigned sales rep for the order.

[custom-field] You can also include a custom field value in the email by placing the slug of the custom field within the square brackets. For example, if the slug of your custom field is order-quantity, then you would use [order-quantity]

When you’re done creating/editing your emails, make sure to click the Save Changes button to save your changes.