Styling Options

The premium version of this plugin comes with many styling options, which can be accessed by navigating to Settings > Styling.

For info on adding/using custom CSS, please see here.


If you would like to hide the numerical score display in your reviews (e.g. show it shows just the stars), you can toggle on the Disable Score Display setting.

Use the Review Skin Style setting to choose which icons you want to use for the ratings in your reviews. Available options are: Simple Stars, Thumbs (thumbs up icons), Hearts, Simple Bar (bar is always the same color), Color Bar (bar changes color depending on rating), Small Circle Graph and Circle Graph with Score (score shows in the middle of the circle graph).

Review Group Separating Line adds a horizontal line between products if you are grouping reviews by product.

Setting In-Depth Review Categories Layout to Alternating Background Color will give every second field a light background color, to add sepration.

The “Read More” Style setting lets you choose whether to use a link or button for the “read more” text.


This section includes settings that let you change the colors, font family, font sizes, padding and margins of the various review elements.


This section includes settings that let you change the color of the various review elements.