Using In-Depth Fields with Reviews

There are two ways in which in-depth fields can be used with reviews.

To Provide Multiple Sub-Ratings for a Review

The first way is to add extra review fields that let the reviewer provide multiple ratings for one review. This can be used to provide separate ratings for things like shipping speed, seller communication, etc., or to rate different attributes of a product separately (e.g. power, control, feel, etc. for a tennis racquet).

Once you’ve created a Review Line field, it will automatically display in submit review form. When someone leaves a review, each separate rating is combined and averaged out to give an overall score for the review.

After someone has left a review, you can go to the review edit screen and view/edit the individual scores there.

Additionally, when a review is viewed on your site, it will show a breakdown of each individual rating given as well as the overall score.

To Gather Extra Info from the Review Submitter

You can also use fields to gather extra info from a review. For example, you may want to ask where someone heard about a product, which location they purchased from, etc. There are several field types to choose from for this, including text, dropdown, radio and checkbox. With these you can customize your review submit form for your exact needs.

These fields also display on your reviews page. This allows your visitors to find the reviews that are pertinent to their experience. It also allows you to use them to display extra information that might be helpful for those reading the reviews.