submit-review Shortcode

You can add a submit review form to a page using the following shortcode:


To use this shortcode on the page edit screen, just click the + button and add a new shortcode block to the page. Then write or paste in the above shortcode.

Gif of adding the shortcode


The submit-review shortcode takes the following attributes:

redirect_page The URL of the page to which you would like the user redirected after submitting the form.

product_name Specify the name of the product you want the review submission to be for. If not used, it will allow the user to specify/choose which product they are leaving the review.

submit_review_toggle Setting this to “Yes” will hide the form and display a link that, when clicked, will reveal the form.

success_message The message to display after the form is submitted (if not using the redirect_page attribute).

draft_message The message to display after the form is submitted if admin approval is required (if not using the redirect_page attribute).

review_form_title The title of the form.

review_instructions The instruction text displayed below the form title.

submit_text The text of the submit button.


[submit-review redirect_page="" submit_review_toggle="Yes" product_name="Bicycle" review_form_title="Submit a Review" review_instructions="Please use this form to submit a review" submit_text="Submit"]