Add Submit Review Form to a Page

To add a submit review form to a page, you can use either the included Gutenberg block or shortcode.

For the Gutenberg block, on the page edit screen, just click the + button to add a new block, search for review and add the Submit Review block to the page. You will see options in the right sidebar that let you choose which product the review will be for (leaving this blank will let the reviewer choose) and to set a thank-you redirect page URL.

Gif of adding the Submit Review block

More information about the block.

You can also add the submit review form to your page using the following shortcode:


To use this shortcode on the page edit screen, just click the + button and add a new shortcode block to the page. Then write or paste in the above shortcode.

Gif of adding the shortcode

You can view more information and all the available shortcode attributes here.