Basic Settings

The following options are available by going to Settings > Basic

Custom CSS

In this space, you can add custom CSS styles to your reviews. For more info, see here.

Maximum Review Score

What should the maximum score be on the review form? Common values are 100 for the percentage review style, and 5 or 10 for the other styles.

Review Style

Should the submit review form use points or percentage to collect reviews?

Review Score Input

What type of input should be used for review scores in the submit review form? Available options are text input, select (dropdown) or stars.

Review Image

Should there be a field for the reviewer to upload an image of what they’re reviewing?

Review Video

Should there be a field for the reviewer to embed a video with their review from an external site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)?

Review Category

Should the reviewer be able to select a category for their review?

Review Filtering

Should visitors be able to filter reviews by product name, score or review author?

Shortcode Builder

If you are using the classic editor in your WordPress (not Gutenberg), then enabling this option will add a shortcode builder to the tinyMCE toolbar in the page editor.

Submit Review Toggle

Should the submit review form be hidden until a button is clicked to show it?

Autocomplete Product Names

Should the names of the available products display in an auto-complete box when a visitor starts typing? Products need to be entered in the list below or UPCP Integration has to be turned on for this to work.

Link To Post

Should the review title link to the single post page for the review?

Flag Inappropriate Content

Should visitors be able to flag content as inappropriate, so that admins can then review it?

Should the author’s name be clickable, so that visitors can see other reviews by the same author?

Allow Review Comments

Should comments be allowed, if the Allow Comments box for individual reviews is selected from the edit review screen?

Review Character Limit

What should be the limit on the number of characters in a review? Leave blank for unlimited characters.

Submission Thank You Email

You can use the Ultimate WP Mail plugin to create a custom email that is sent to the reviewer whenever a review is submitted.

Restrict Product Names

Should the names of the products be restricted to only those specified in the Product List option below?

Product Name Input Type

Should the product name input be a text field or a dropdown (select) field? (Dropdown only works if UPCP integration is turned on or Products List is filled in below.)

UPCP Integration

Should the product names be taken from the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin if the names are being restricted or the product name input type is set to Dropdown? (The Ultimate Product Catalog plugin needs to be installed for this to work).

Product List

If UPCP Integration is disabled and the product names are restricted, or the Product Name Input Type is set to Dropdown, you can create here the list of products you want to be available for review.

Display Author Name

Should the author’s name be posted with the review?

Display Date Submitted

Should the date the review was submitted be posted with the review?

Display Time Submitted

Should the time the review was submitted be posted with the review?

Display Categories

Should the review’s categories be posted with the review?

Reviews Per Page

Set the maximum number of reviews that should be displayed at one time.

Pagination Location

Where should the pagination controls be located, if there are more reviews than the maximum per page?